We Got One!


Alrighty then, here we are! Post is a little late but the Proton Pack is all done.

The “Neutrona Wand” or Proton Gun was the last thing to be modeled and was a lot of fun, though quite finicky (the blueprints available weren’t quite right across the board so I needed to source a shed load of reference images). I handled the tube running from the gun to the pack the exact same way as the others in the model but for some reason it decided to be contrary so I had to work into it and tweak it manually. Still, looks pretty good I think!

Images of the gun and the completed pack are below, plus a turnaround of the final pack.

Next up: A new animation and lip sync project!


Tell Him About The Twinkie


Howdy folks,

Slight delay this week (have been working on a little bit of animation) so a bit of a monster post instead! A lot of the work at this point was almost “more of the same” for what had already been done. This week I have the last few parts of the actual pack itself. We have:

  • Gear Box (with Crank & Generator)
  • Hydrogen Gas Actuator
  • Gun Mount
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Bumper
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Power Cell & Injector
  • Alice Pack Frame

The gear box, power cell, and gun mount are very similar so I could reuse the assets a bit. The gear box has a few little fiddly details that I only really spotted when building and when trawling the replica prop forums for detailed images. Nothing hugely difficult, just vexing to my OCD at having to rework (when it will probably never be seen!).

The process I used for the cable that comes from the generator is basically the same for all other cables that are seen throughout the model. For the repeating pattern seen in the cable I selected a number of polygons (the highlighted red in the image) and duplicated along a curve. For the tube cables, they were just extruded along a curve.

I think the ribbon cable is my least favourite part about the model, simply because it looks untidy. Saying that, in the real props it looks untidy so I guess it works.

I left the bumper until last because it really felt like the final piece of the pack, and there was a huge sense of completion with it. Of course once I finished it, I remembered I had to make the Alice pack frame… But that turned out to be a lot of fun.

I’ll have the final assembled pack in the next post, as well as the proton gun! I also may end up doing the trap for completionists sake…

Anyway, until then!

– Emmet