Unlicenced Nuclear Accelerator


Howdy folks,

Happy Tuesday to everyone. I’m going to continue with showing the progress of the 3D model of the Proton Pack I’m building. I forgot to mention in the last post that all of the modeling is being done in Softimage. I could have done it in Maya or Max but I honestly just find the modeling tools (and interface) in Softimage far nicer. I won’t mention about it being discontinued this year…

Anyway, I continued following Stefan Otto’s blueprints from GBFans.com (http://www.gbfans.com/wiki/Stefan_Otto%27s_Prop_Plans), so next up was power cell, booster & eda, and the ion arm. The image below shows what I’m talking about:


The power cell was handy enough. Basically just a box with a bit of detailing and two cylinders sticking out the bottom. Again, the booster was pretty handy as well. The booster bracket (the bit in front of the tube) was fun to model – added a bit to the polycount but fun none the less. I don’t know why but the little curved edge (where a cylinder would sit) near the base on the right really broke my brain for 20 minutes or so. Ended up redoing it. Such a silly thing to get hung up on.

The ion arm was next and this was where I really started to enjoy myself. The minutiae of detail that the GB fans put into these replica packs is mind-boggling. The Dale PH25 Resistor (which is a real resistor) caused me to make a very confused face for a good half hour. All these little details were great to get stuck into, as how they worked and how they fit into the pack really got the ol’ grey matter going. Once we start adding wires and cables down the line it’ll really start to come to life.

That’s it for now. Another post or two and that’ll be that.

Have a good one

– Emmet


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